Getting Started With Jekyll
So you want to build a Github-hosted static site for your band? Turns out this is all surprisingly easy… [read more]
Hosting Your Site On Github
Github will host your site for free, which is incredibly nice of them. But for our purposes, there are some things to consider around how the repo ... [read more]
Being Data Driven
We’re building a static site, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to hard-code everything and construct all the pages by hand - Jekyll has excellent ... [read more]
Linking Data
Due to working at the Open Data Institute, I sometimes cross paths with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and it was from him I learned that musicians are using... [read more]
Including Sounds From Soundcloud
A band site needs music, right? We have a load of tracks up on SoundCloud, and they make embedding pretty easy. The default embeddable iframe is pr... [read more]
Embedding OpenStreetmap
This is a band site, which means it has gig pages, and a good gig page has an embedded map. We could use Google Maps, sure, but OpenStreetMap has a... [read more]