Getting Started With Jekyll

So you want to build a Github-hosted static site for your band? Turns out this is all surprisingly easy…

First, you need the gh-pages gem. Add it to your Gemfile (or just use ours) and bundle, or just

gem install gh-pages

Create some content

Create a file called at the root of the project that looks like this:


Hello from Jekyll

Those dashes at the top are important - without them Jekyll doesn’t know that you intend this to be content.

Now from a console do

jekyll serve --watch

and point your browser at http://localhost:4000/ and you should see those three words. You have successfully Jekylled.

A wild _site appears

This is all about building a static site, right? What Jekyll has done, is create a directory called _site and filled it with the generated HTML of your actual site. This is an artefact and you don’t really want it in Github. So

echo _site/ > .gitignore

to make git leave that well alone. Probably a good time to commit:

git init && git add . && git commit -m 'Committe the Fyrst'

Now it’s time to look at hosting your site on Github.